Provision of Specialist Services

Reference code: 
DMPCD 2015 104
Date signed: 
18 September 2015
Authorisation name: 
Stephen Greenhalgh (past staff), Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime

Executive summary

This paper requests approval for initiate procurement and award of a contract for the provision of specialist services.  Due to the confidential nature of the proposal the detail is held in Part 2.


The DMPC is asked to approve the initiate procurement and award of a four year (3+1) contract with a maximum value of £16m, for the continued supply of specialist services.

Non-confidential facts and advice to the Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime (DMPC)

1.    Introduction and background

1.1    As part of the on-going process of managing contracts and tendering/re-tendering for goods and services, Procurement Services identifies contracts which require DMPC approval for either extension or to initiate contract action to tender or re-tender for goods or services or to award contracts

2.    Issues for consideration

2.1    This contract will allow for the continuation of specialist services.

3.    Financial  Comments

3.1    The cost of the proposal will be funded from within existing budgets . It is expected that savings of between f350k and £600k will be achieved over the life of the contract.

4.    Legal Comments

4.1    The recommendation can be lawfully approved in accordance with MOPAC Contract Regulations and EU/UK Procurement law.

4.2    In accordance with the MOPAC Scheme of Delegation and Consent (4.8), the DMPC must approve all requests  to go out to tender for contracts that exceed  £500,000.

5.    Equality Comments

5.1    There are no direct equality issues arising from this proposal .