Our interactive dashboards make it easy for the public and MOPAC stakeholders to monitor progress of the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) against MOPAC targets set in the Police and Crime plan.  The following dashboards give you an overall view in your borough over a range of policing indicators.

The data published in the dashboards is already publicly available via a number of channels including London Data Store. However, the dashboards make it far easier to make sense of the data and put it into a London perspective.

The MPS Workforce dashboard provides the latest information on the strength of the Metropolitan Police and how representative the workforce is of the city it serves.

The Mayor is a passionate supporter of real neighbourhood policing, with officers who know and are known to the community they serve. For this reason, he has increased the number of Dedicated Ward Officers (DWOs) to a minimum of two per ward, with the expectation that they cannot be abstracted to other duties except at times of emergency or exceptional demand on policing. The DWO Abstraction dashboard gives users the ability to see how much time London's Dedicated Ward Officers are spending in their ward

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