Our interactive dashboards make it easy for the public and MOPAC stakeholders to access and interpret data on a number of types of crime.

The data published in the dashboards is already publicly available via a number of channels including London Data Store. However, the dashboards make it far easier to make sense of the data and put it into a London perspective.

Gangs dashboard

The Gangs Dashboard shows that gang crime indicators are showing a reduction from March 2012. It also shows high volume of gang flagged offences does not necessarily cause a higher public perception of a gang problem within MPS boroughs.

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Domestic and sexual violence dashboard

In March 2015, MOPAC launched the Domestic and Sexual Violence Dashboard. This brings data together on recording of domestic and sexual violence, victimisation and offending for the first time.

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Business crime dashboard

MOPAC’s Business Crime Strategy launched in 2014 and calls for police, businesses, local authorities and others to work together to build confidence and cut crime that affects business in our capital. This new dashboard visualises for the first time levels of crime recorded by the MPS in which businesses are the victims.

The first iteration of the dashboard focuses on levels of recorded crime not inclusive of fraud and online crime, which shall be included in future versions. Future iterations of the dashboard will also include business confidence in the police, as measured via the MOPAC Business Attitude Survey, which launched in October 2014.

This first Business Crime dashboard consists of two tabs:

  1. Crime Volume (which also compares the volume of Business Crime to all recorded crime)
  2. Offence Rates (which also shows MPS detection rates for broad offence types)

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Hate crime dashboard

The Hate Crime Reduction Strategy, set out our aims and actions to:

  • boost confidence and increase the reporting of hate crimes, which we know are under-reported
  • prevent hate crime and reduce repeat victimisation
  • ensure swift and sure justice for hate crime victims

We are working with the Metropolitan Police, criminal justice partner agencies, councils, support organisations and voluntary groups to deliver these objectives to make London a safer place for all of its residents.

One of our commitments is to publish an interactive dashboard, providing a clear picture of how agencies are delivering against our priorities.

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Gang interventions dashboard

As part of the London Crime Prevention Fund, MOPAC are funding 25 core gangs projects at a value of over £3m. We are learning from these projects to ensure that future gangs funding is provided only to those who can deliver on the outcomes which we require.

The Gang Interventions Dashboard provides an overview of the pan-London and Borough-specific gangs programmes funded by MOPAC.

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