Support for public landowners

The Small Sites programme aims to provide a streamlined service for public sector landowners to:

  • bring small, publicly-owned sites forward for housing-led development
  • invigorate new and emerging ‘sources of supply’ including small developers, small housing associations and community-led housing groups

What’s on offer for landowners?

The programme offers different options for landowners, enabling them to either develop sites themselves or market them through the GLA's online portal to small builders. 

Funding is available for:

  • site identification and assessment
  • site surveys and Due Diligence to reduce uncertainty in sites going through the programme
  • ‘unlocking’ unviable sites going through the programme, where required

A streamlined service

  • GLA support to bring small public-sector sites forward for development.
  • online marketing with basic agency support, for efficiency and greater reach to small builders.
  • standard selection process for small builders capable of building good quality homes with creative solutions for complex sites
  • standard contracts for easy comparison and minimal negotiation with small builders

Standard contracts

  • offer a reasonable level of control
  • avoid lengthy procurement processes
  • allow the site to be retained by the landowner until development can start
  • give the landowner continuing influence over the development
  • discourage those who do not intend to get on and build
  • allow covenants to secure affordable and/or community-led housing to be included

Landowners interested in bringing sites through the programme can get a full set of contractual documentation by emailing [email protected]

How landowners can apply

It's possible to get involved in the programme at several levels. The prospectus sets these out and describes how we will prioritise our support.

 Download the Borough and Public Landowner Prospectus (pdf 4.9MB)

 Download the Revenue Funding Application form (pdf 0.7MB)

 Download the Capital Funding Application form (pdf 2.9MB)

  • Review the latest sites and contracts, and email us at [email protected] to discuss and understand the process.
  • Complete the Expression of Interest with sites you're looking to bring forward and support you're seeking.
  • Submit to [email protected].

Decisions to provide support will be made on a rolling basis, subject to the availability of funding. 


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