London Boiler Cashback Scheme - further information

This page contains information on the London Boiler Cashback Scheme's eligibility, how it's guarding against fraud and the scheme's potential impact.

For information on what this scheme is and how to apply please go to the main Boiler Cashback Scheme page.

For detailed questions and answers, please go to our Frequently Asked Questions page.


Apply for the scheme here.

Am I eligible for the scheme?

You are eligible for this scheme if :

  • you 
    • own your home or
    • are a private landlord with property in London and you, or the agent managing your property, are accredited with the Mayor’s London Rental Standard 
  • you have a gas, LPG, oil or solid fuel boiler that is:
    • 70 per cent or less efficient (SAP2005 energy efficiency rating as detailed in this database)
    • in working order
    • the main boiler used to heat the home

You are not eligible if any of the following apply:

  • your main source of heating is an electric boiler or electric heater(s)
  • your current boiler is more than 70 per cent efficient (SAP2005 energy efficiency rating as detailed in this database)
  • your current boiler is not the main boiler used to heat your home
  • your current boiler is not in working order
  • you are a boiler installer or manufacturer
  • your property is not in London
  • you are a private landlord and neither you, nor any agent managing your property, are London Rental Standard-accredited
  • you are a council, housing associations or private tenant

How will we guard against fraud?

We have rigorous requirements and checks in place to make sure that we prevent fraud, described below. In the unlikely event of fraud being detected, we will report and prosecute.  

  • Installer checks: all vouchers submitted for a claim must include the installer’s accreditation/registration number. We may  check voucher claims against work recorded with the accrediting organisations. Any installations that are found not to be recorded with the relevant accrediting organisation will be further investigated and, where necessary, there will be a home visit to ensure the work has been completed.
  • Boiler checks: we will also visit a random sample of applicants/homes to check that all the requirements of the scheme are met. This will be either when we receive the application for the voucher, to check the current boiler, or after the claim for cashback has been made, to check that the boiler has been installed.
  • Property checks: we will check all applications to make sure we only give one voucher per property. Multiple applications for the same property will be investigated.
  • Accreditation checks: if you are a landlord we may check your accreditation, or that of your agent, with the accrediting organisations. 

We reserve the right to conduct other checks and monitoring procedures.

Overall the scheme could save each year:


  • KWH: a kilowatt hour is a unit of energy
  • NOX: oxide of nitrogen is an air pollutant

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