London Boiler Cashback Scheme

Closing date

The London Boiler Cashback Scheme has closed as all the available funding has now been allocated. 

Any applicant who is still in receipt of a cashback voucher will have their allocated time to complete the work and submit their claim, as detailed on their voucher. Voucher extensions will not be permitted. 

If you have any questions, please contact the team on 0808 108 9414.

Get £400 cashback from this scheme to replace your old boiler

  • Do you want to make big savings on your energy bills?
  • Do you have an old, inefficient boiler?
  • Are you a London homeowner or an accredited private landlord?

If the answer to all these questions is yes, you could receive £400 towards the cost of upgrading to a new, high efficiency boiler from the scheme.



If you’re a homeowner on benefits and your boiler is inefficient or broken, you may be eligible for the Mayor's new Better Boilers scheme. Under this new scheme, we will replace or repair your boiler for free.

Replacing one boiler can save on average each year:

  • 20
    less energy used for heating
  • 340
    off your heating bill
  • 7,640
    equal to powering a fridge-freezer for 17 years
  • 1.5
    tonnes of CO2
    equal to the emissions from a return London-San Francisco flight

Am I eligible for the scheme?

You are eligible for this scheme if :

  • you 
    • own your home or
    • are a private landlord with property in London and you, or the agent managing your property, are accredited with the London Rental Standard 
  • you have a gas, LPG, oil or solid fuel boiler that is:
    • 70 per cent or less efficient (SAP2005 energy efficiency rating as detailed in this database)
    • in working order
    • the main boiler used to heat the home

If you are a private tenant, your landlord may be eligible to apply – so you may want to tell your landlord about this scheme.

Eligible private landlords may apply for cashback for more than one property, to a maximum of ten, provided that each one meets the requirements of the scheme.

For information on who is not eligible for this scheme, please see our further information page.

How do I apply for the scheme?

A step-by-step guide:

The five steps

Step 1: check your current boiler's efficiency and type

Your current boiler needs to be 70 per cent or less efficient (as explained here). This is typically a G rated boiler that is either gas, LPG, solid fuel or oil fuelled. Electric boilers or electric heaters do not qualify for the scheme.

It is likely to be 70 per cent or less efficient if:

  • it has a permanent pilot light
  • it is gas fired and over 15 years old
  • it is oil fired and over 25 years old

Find out for definite by searching this database for the make and name of your boiler, or by asking an accredited installer.

You will also need to get a quote from a Gas Safe (formerly CORGI) registered installer, a Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) certified installer or equivalent, or a member of a competent persons scheme (such as OFTEC or HETAS). This will give you a good idea of how much the boiler replacement is going to cost. We suggest you get three quotes from different accredited installers. 

Step 2: apply for the scheme online

On the online application form you will need to tell us:

  • your contact details, ideally including an email address
  • the make and model of your current boiler
  • your bank details
  • the details of the installer who gave you the quote, as well as their accreditation or registration number

Step 3: receive your £400 cashback voucher

Once you've completed the application, provided that funds are still available, you will receive an email confirming that you have been successful and have been issued with a cashback voucher.

Vouchers are valid for 12 weeks from the date of issue, so you will need to install your boiler within this time. If your boiler is not installed within the 12 weeks, you will no longer qualify for the cashback and your claim will be rejected. You will need to pay for the installation before receiving the cashback.

Step 4: install your new high efficiency boiler, once you've received your voucher

The replacement must be an A rated gas or condensing oil boiler (at least 90 per cent energy efficient SAP2005 rating as detailed on this database), or a renewable/low carbon heating technology (please see our frequently asked questions on eligible technologies).

Make sure that you have shopped around for the best deal. You don’t need to have the installation done by the installer who quoted you for the work – but you must make sure that whoever you choose is accredited.

You may also want to check that installers:

  • have a local office
  • have been in business locally for several years
  • have customer references that you can review

Some companies may offer to match the Mayor’s cashback, to encourage you to scrap and replace your boiler with them.

Step 5: claim your £400 cashback

Send us the voucher, the invoice marked 'paid', and all other information as set out in the terms and conditions. This must be sent to us by post and must arrive no later than ten working days after the voucher expiry date. The voucher must be signed by you and your installer and the invoice or receipt must include the installer’s accreditation/registration number.

We will process your payment, via BACS, within 21 working days of receipt. Payment will only be made to you, the applicant, and not to someone else, for example your installer or a letting agent.

Please read the terms and conditions for the scheme.

The scheme is being administered by the Energy Saving Trust on behalf of the Greater London Authority.  Accordingly, all personal data collected in relation to this scheme will be processed by the Energy Saving Trust in accordance with their Privacy Policy.The Greater London Authority does not handle, collect or otherwise process any personal data relating to this scheme. 

For more information, please see our frequently asked questions about the scheme.


  • KWH: a kilowatt hour is a unit of energy
  • NOX: oxide of nitrogen is an air pollutant

More information about the scheme

How will we guard against fraud?

We have rigorous requirements and checks in place to make sure that we prevent fraud, described on our further information page. In the unlikely event of fraud being detected, we will report and prosecute.

Other ways to save energy – and money – in your home

For information about other ways to make your home more energy efficient and to reduce your fuel bills, please go to the Energy Saving Trust website and the London Fuel Poverty Hub website.

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