Boiler cashback scheme frequently asked questions

Benefits of the scheme

How much money will I save?

You should save around £340 off your fuel bills each year. Exact savings will depend on the size of your home and the number of people who live there, among other factors. Boilers account for about 55 per cent of what a household spends in a year on energy bills, so an efficient boiler makes a big difference.

Will my boiler replacement help the environment – how much carbon will it save?

It should save about 1.5 tonnes of CO2 per annum – the equivalent of a return flight from London to San Francisco. Your boiler replacement will also have a positive impact on London’s air quality.

How much energy will a household save?

Around 20 per cent on average. The energy saved per year from upgrading your boiler is the equivalent of powering a fridge-freezer for 17 years.

What if my home isn’t well insulated, won’t I be wasting money?

New A rated boilers (90 per cent or above efficient) convert more of their fuel into heat, compared to old inefficient ones. Each household installing a new efficient boiler will be saving around a fifth of the energy it uses for heating. For information about other ways to make your home more energy efficient and to reduce your fuel bills, please go to the Energy Saving Trust website and the London Fuel Poverty Hub website.

It's estimated that over 100,000 boilers are replaced per year in London anyway - what's the point of the Mayor’s London Boiler Cashback Scheme?

Most boilers are replaced when they are broken down. This scheme will enable Londoners to replace inefficient and polluting boilers that are currently in use with new efficient working ones. The scheme will also provide upfront financial help to people wanting to install renewable heating systems.

Money and fairness

How will the scheme operate on a first come, first served basis?

Everyone who applies will be put into a queue ordered by the date and time of their application. Vouchers will be issued to the first 6,500 in the queue. The remaining applicants will go onto a waiting list. If the number of people claiming the cashback is lower than anticipated, we will have another wave of vouchers for people on the waiting list. Again, these will be issued in date order.

If I am too late to get a voucher, will I go on a waiting list?

If all vouchers have been already issued when you apply, provided you have filled out everything correctly online, you will receive an email saying that you have been placed on the waiting list. You will automatically be told your position in the queue.

What happens when the money runs out?

The Mayor has made £2.6m available for this scheme. When the money runs out we will close the scheme. The scheme may trigger some companies to complement, and in some cases match, the Mayor’s offer. This could enable many more Londoners to benefit, and ensure that households with less disposable income are helped this winter.

Should I get the work done fast in case the money runs out?

If you have a voucher, you need to complete the work within 12 weeks, while the voucher is still valid. Following the installation, you have a further ten working days to return your completed voucher, the Gas Safe certificate or equivalent, the invoice marked ‘paid’ and all other information as set out in the terms and conditions.

Does having a voucher mean that I will definitely receive the cashback once the installation is completed?

Yes, provided that:

  • a working boiler that is 70 per cent or less efficient has been replaced with an A rated boiler or renewable heating system
  • you send us the completed voucher and other required information as set out in the terms and conditions, and this arrives no later than ten working days after the voucher expiry date.

How long will it take for me to receive my cashback, once I have returned my completed voucher?

We will process your payment within 21 working days of receipt. Payment will only be made to you, the applicant, and not to someone else, for example your installer or a letting agent.

How will payment of the £400 be made?

Payment will be processed via BACS or, by cheque, if required.

My installer has offered me a promotional offer to receive more cashback on my boiler replacement – am I eligible for both?

Some manufacturers and installers may run complementary promotions at the same time as this scheme. You are eligible to apply for this scheme and receive other promotional offers and cashback.

Won’t companies offering money off boilers just put up the price of boilers, so in reality there’s no benefit?

The London boiler market is very competitive (the UK market in which it operates is one of the largest in Europe). We encourage you to shop around to find the best and most suitable deal. It is a good idea to get three quotes from different accredited installers.

Won’t only wealthier people benefit from this?

Although the scheme is open to all home owners and accredited private landlords, we are actively:

  • targeting recent first time buyers, who may have inherited an old inefficient boiler which is costly to run
  • working with boroughs to ensure that they publicise the scheme through a range of mechanisms, to ensure we help those most in need
  • targeting accredited landlords through the Mayor’s London Rental Standard, to help them provide affordable warmth for their tenants. 

Quality assurance and fraud

Who should I have install my new boiler?

You must use an accredited installer. Installation of a gas boiler must be carried out by an installer registered with Gas Safe (formally CORGI). Installation of oil must be carried out by an installer registered with a competent persons scheme (such as OFTEC or HETAS).Installation of a microgeneration technology can be carried out by a person qualified under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS). You don’t have to use the installer who provided the quote, provided that whoever you use is accredited to carry out the installation in question.

How can I find the best deal on boilers and installation?

We recommend that you shop around by enquiring with a range of installers, manufacturers or energy companies for the most competitive deal. Some companies may be offering complementary deals to encourage you to scrap and replace your boiler with them.

How will fraudulent claims be prevented?

We have rigorous requirements and checks in place to make sure that we prevent fraud, described below. In the unlikely event of fraud being detected, we will report and prosecute.

  • Installer checks: all vouchers submitted for a claim must include the installer’s accreditation/registration number. We will check voucher claims against work recorded with the accrediting organisations. Any installations that are found not to be recorded with the relevant accrediting organisation will be further investigated and, where necessary, there will be a home visit to ensure the work has been completed.
  • Boiler checks: we will also visit a random sample of applicants/homes to check that all the requirements of the scheme are met. This will be either when we receive the application for the voucher, to check the current boiler, or after the claim for cashback has been made, to check that the boiler has been installed.
  • Property checks: we will check all applications to make sure we only give one voucher per property. Multiple applications for the same property will be investigated.
  • Accreditation checks: if you are a landlord we may check your accreditation, or that of your agent, with the accrediting organisations.

We reserve the right to conduct other checks and monitoring procedures.


Why does my boiler have to be working to be eligible for the scheme?

Because we want to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality, which will happen where boilers are replaced before the end of their natural life.

Are all types of domestic boilers eligible for replacement?

Gas, LPG, solid fuel and oil fuelled boilers are all eligible. Electric boilers are not.

How will I know if my boiler is G rated (70 per cent or less efficient)?

It is likely to be 70 per cent or less efficient if:

  • it has a permanent pilot light
  • it is gas fired and over 15 years old
  • it is oil fired and over 25 years old

Find out by either searching this database for the make and name of your boiler, or by asking the Energy Saving Trust (by email at [email protected]) or an accredited installer.

What if my current boiler is not on the boiler database?

Ask your installer when providing a quote whether the boiler is 70 per cent or less efficient. There are several makes of very old boiler which are no longer made or serviced which may not be on our list. Through the London Boiler Cashback Scheme helpline, the Energy Saving Trust will also assist if you are still unable to determine whether your boiler is eligible.

Does my current boiler qualify if it is mainly working but damaged (for example, where the thermostat is broken or the pilot light keeps going out)?

Yes, as long as it is working and the main source of heating for the home your boiler will qualify.

What new type of boiler or heating system can I replace my old boiler with, under this scheme?

Eligible replacement technologies include:

  • gas boilers (A rated - at least 90 per cent energy efficient SAP2005 rating as detailed on this database)
  • condensing oil boilers (A rated - at least 90 per cent energy efficient SAP2005 rating as detailed on this database)
  • air source or ground source heat pumps
  • solar thermal systems combined with an eligible boiler replacement
  • boilers with a passive flue heat recovery device (e.g. Gas Saver).

Note: Electric heaters, solid fuel and multi fuel boilers (where solid fuel is a component), biomass boilers, and micro-combined heat and power, are not eligible. A gas boiler cannot be replaced with an oil boiler.

Installations must be undertaken by a Gas Safe (formally CORGI) registered installer, a Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) certified installer or equivalent, or a member of a competent persons scheme (such as OFTEC or HETAS).

So can I replace my old gas boiler with a new condensing oil boiler?

No. A gas boiler can either be replaced by a new A rated gas boiler or a renewable heating system, as listed above. We do not allow a gas boiler to be replaced by an oil boiler, given that the CO2 emissions are greater from oil than from gas.

Why are you allowing people to install oil boilers if they produce more CO2 emissions compared to gas?

Some people may want to replace their old oil boiler but cannot connect to gas or afford to install a renewable heating system. In these cases, which are likely to be rare, it is better for someone to install a new A rated condensing oil boiler than keep their current inefficient one.

Can I use my own boiler installer?

Yes, as long as they are a Gas Safe (formally CORGI) registered installer, a Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) certified installer or equivalent, or a member of a competent persons scheme (such as OFTEC or HETAS).

Do only domestic properties qualify for the scheme?

Yes. Non-domestic properties do not qualify.

I run a small business from my home. Do I qualify for the scheme?

No. Residential properties from which small businesses are operated do not qualify.

Do council and housing association properties qualify for the scheme?

No. The Support Team for the Mayor’s RE:NEW programme are already working closely with councils and housing associations to support them to retrofit their stock, with support plans in place with 66 social landlords across the capital. The Mayor is also helping to fund improvements to social housing through other programmes, such as Decent Homes.

I am a private landlord but not accredited with the London Rental Standard. Can I apply for a voucher?

No. To be eligible for this scheme, you, or the agent managing your property, need to be accredited with the Mayor’s London Rental Standard.

How do I know if I, or the agent managing my property, are accredited?

If you, or the agent managing your property, have become accredited with the following organisations/associations:

  • National Landlords Association (NLA)
  • London Landlord Accreditation Scheme (LLAS)
  • Residential Landlord Association (RLA)
  • Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA)
  • National Approved Letting Scheme (NALS)
  • UK Association of Letting Agents (UKALA)
  • Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)

Can an accredited private landlord receive cashback for more than one property?

Yes, for up to ten properties - provided each property meets the requirements of the scheme. The Mayor wants to encourage accredited private landlords to benefit from the scheme, to help improve properties in the private rented sector and make them more energy efficient.

Why can’t non-accredited landlords apply for the scheme?

Access to this scheme is one of the many benefits available to accredited landlords and agents, who – by being accredited with the London Rental Standard – are part of the Mayor’s campaign to promote good standards in the private rented sector.

I am a tenant. Can I apply for the scheme?

No, applications in the private rented sector must be made by the accredited landlord. If you are a private tenant, your landlord may be eligible to apply – so you may want to tell your landlord about this scheme.

Can the voucher be passed on to another eligible householder?

No, each voucher issued will be given a unique serial number which is assigned to the property for which it was applied for. Vouchers are non-transferrable.

Can accredited landlords living outside of London but with property in London apply?

Yes, provided each property meets the requirements of the scheme.

Can people living in London apply for properties they own outside London?

No, the property has to be in London.

I have a property outside of London. Is this scheme running in the rest of the UK?

The scheme is a London-specific initiative, running only within Greater London.

Can installers living outside London undertake replacement works?

Yes, as long as they are a Gas Safe (formally CORGI) registered installer, a Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) certified installer or equivalent, or a member of a competent persons scheme (such as OFTEC or HETAS).

London Boiler Cashback Scheme and other government schemes

I want to install a renewable heating system but not sure whether I will still be eligible for the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)?

The scheme provides up front financial help to people wanting to install renewable heating systems. If you are installing a renewable heat technology (e.g. a heat pump or solar thermal system) rather than an efficient boiler, this will affect the amount of renewable heat incentive (RHI) for which you are eligible. The Greater London Authority or scheme administrators will advise Ofgem, administrators of the RHI, of any person who receives funding to install a renewable heat technology under this scheme. Ofgem will then deduct the £400 received through this scheme, from your RHI payments, spread evenly over the seven years of payments.

For further information, please see page 29 of this document.

Currently some renewables require planning permission when being installed within conservation areas. People will therefore need to check with their local authority if all necessary permissions can be put in place within the 12 weeks for which the voucher is valid.

Surely there is no point in applying for the boiler cashback scheme if money is deducted from my renewable heat incentive payments in the future?

Not necessarily. One of the main barriers to installing renewables is the higher upfront costs. That is why we are allowing the £400 to be used towards renewables, to reduce the upfront installation costs.

Can I apply for boiler cashback if I am having my boiler part-funded by the Energy Company Obligation?

No. The boiler cashback scheme is replacing working G-rated boilers, whereas ECO tends to support the replacement of broken boilers. The purpose of the boiler cashback scheme is to stimulate energy and CO2 savings that wouldn’t otherwise happen, so mixing the two sources of funding would not result in additional energy and CO2 savings.

Applying for the scheme

Is it only possible to apply online?

You are encouraged to use the simple, user-friendly online application process. If you can’t do this yourself, and can’t find anyone to help you, you can apply over the phone by calling the London Boiler Cashback Scheme helpline on 0808 108 9414.

How can I get more information about the scheme?

These FAQs should answer most of the questions you have about the scheme. However, if you have any other questions or queries or wish to make a complaint, you can contact the London Boiler Cashback Scheme helpline by email at [email protected] or by phone on 0808 108 9414.

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