Apply for the Innovation Fund

The Mayor’s Innovation Fund provides funding for innovative ways of delivering more affordable homes in London. This is part of Homes for Londoners, which brings together the Mayor’s work to tackle the housing crisis.

Innovation could take many forms, but the Mayor is keen to understand how funding can support:

•    community-led housing
•    offsite and precision manufacturing of homes 
•    new accommodation for homeless households

We're encouraging expressions of interest for proposals that provide homes that are ‘genuinely affordable’ to Londoners.  In most cases, this would be a similar level of affordability as London Affordable Rent, London Living Rent or London Shared Ownership as set out in the main Homes for Londoners Affordable Homes Programme 2016 – 21 funding prospectus, (paragraphs 6 - 24).

Applications must be made through the Expression of Interest Form. Please email your form to [email protected]

Please read the form and the guidance carefully complete it as fully as possible so that we can work with you to understand if your ideas can be supported.

Proposals will be expected to demonstrate:

•    capability and capacity to deliver the proposed homes
•    that land has been acquired or lined up to enable early delivery
•    that the delivery model can be scaled up to provide significant numbers of new homes
•    that the delivery model will be compliant with State Aid rules
•    the circumstances in which GLA grant would be repaid and when this is likely to be

For more information, get in touch by email: [email protected]

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