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Maureen's story

Maureen was one of hundreds of homeless people helped by services that received funding from our winter campaign last year.

Maureen fled a loveless marriage and fear of persecution in Uganda after coming out as gay. She ran away and arrived in the UK in 2015, hoping to rebuild her life in a city that would accept her for who she is.

But, with a traumatic new start, Maureen struggled to pick up the pieces of her life in a country far from home. She spent months sleeping on sofas, night buses and on the street.

Over the next three years Maureen continued to sleep rough against a backdrop of failed asylum applications and appeals.

Trying to stay busy through her volunteer work, Maureen finally received the support she needed in 2018. One of her friends put her in touch with Housing Justice – one of the charities in the London Homeless Charities Group which connects vulnerable asylum seekers with host families.

Maureen now lives in a room with a comfortable bed and a TV. She’s able to cook, study and volunteer – and most importantly, surround herself with people she can trust. Of her experience she says:

"Being hosted has made such a big difference. I now have a lot of hope for the future knowing I’m settled and have a safe place to stay. I thank God for Housing Justice."

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Giving money to charity means you can be sure that...

It's spent on helping someone rebuild their life

The money you donate will go directly to charities that provide real help for rough sleepers.

You're helping more people leave the street for good

Rough sleeping is harmful and dangerous - the average age of death is 47 and around eight in ten rough sleepers were victims of crime or anti-social behaviour in the last year.

You're helping someone who's actually homeless

Many people begging have somewhere to live - giving to charity means your donation will provide real help for rough sleepers.


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