How are we making a difference?

Biniam's story

Biniam was one of hundreds of homeless people helped by services that received funding from last year’s appeal.​​​​​​

Biniam had an unsettled and difficult start to life with fraught family relationships, and several spells in prison which eventually led to him sleeping rough in central London. The Westminster Outreach team found him and introduced him to the Connections St Martin’s Night Centre.

Biniam said: “It gave me security. It was cold, so cold outside and it gave me hope because I wasn’t on the street anymore. The Night Centre is really nice, you get a nice warm meal like chicken or something like that. You get a shower before you go to bed because you’ve been walking all day. You’re always getting looked after, you feel like you’re in your mum’s home. Your things are getting washed for you, you have a meal ready. Mentally it gives you hope.”

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Giving money to charity means you can be sure that...

It's spent on helping someone rebuild their life

The money you donate will go directly to charities that provide real help for rough sleepers.

You're helping more people leave the street for good

Rough sleeping is harmful and dangerous - the average age of death is 47 and around eight in ten rough sleepers were victims of crime or anti-social behaviour in the last year.

You're helping someone who's actually homeless

Many people begging have somewhere to live - giving to charity means your donation will provide real help for rough sleepers.


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