The GLA is working across the Voluntary and Community Sector and the NHS to add value and build capacity in social prescribing.

Social Prescribing Resources

Next Steps for Social Prescribing


Over the last 18 months as we developed Next Steps we commissioned 8 different scoping reports in areas that were identified by key partners and stakeholders as important gaps in London knowledge. All of the documents can be found at the bottom of the page to download.

Social prescribing and the digital landscape (Elemental, 2018)

Looks at digital information and technology and how it can support the development of social prescribing.

VCSE sector engagement in social prescribing (Elemental, 2018)

Investigates how to support the VCSE sector to engage with and deliver social prescribing in London.

The role of housing associations in social prescribing (Housing Association Charitable Trust (HACT) , 2019)

This report looks at how housing associations support communities to engage with social prescribing in London.

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A map of the UK literature on navigation roles in primary care: Social Prescribing Link workers in Context’ Bertotti et al, 2019)

This study looks at the different job roles that are involved in social prescribing and how these roles work together and maps differences and similarities.    

A guide to selecting patient reported outcomes measures (PROMs) for social prescribing (Polley et al, 2019)

This guide supports decision making when selecting appropriate outcome measures for research, evaluation and monitoring of social prescribing. It is accompanied by an excel spreadsheet of information on PROMS in social prescribing.

Identifying the potential value of sustained participation in community activities arising from referral through social prescribing (McDaid et al, 2019)

Identifies evidence on the relative strengths of activities that typically have been used as part of social prescribing, such as referral to group based social activities, community volunteering and development activities, life-long learning and use of welfare / debt advice services.

Food growing on prescription (Sustain, 2019)

This report highlights the findings of a short piece of research undertaken with community gardens and food growing projects in London, to create a snapshot of how Social Prescribing is perceived, how garden leaders are or want to be engaging with these services and how to overcome the barriers to more people being referred to garden-based activities. 

An exploration of co-commissioning approaches to social prescribing services (Bromley by Bow Centre, 2019)

This study aims to help inform and encourage increased collaborative working around social prescribing and its connected agendas both in London and beyond.

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