About Healthy Schools London

We want to help schools encourage their pupils to make healthier choices. A healthy child has a better chance of learning and succeeding.

The Healthy Schools London award scheme, sponsored by the Mayor of London, recognises and celebrates schools that are taking extra steps to help London’s children to be healthy, happy and achieve.

Schools can help children lead a healthy lifestyle directly - to make healthy food choices at lunchtime, to be active at and on the way to school. They can also can help children learn about their health, develop positive relationships, support good mental health, address bullying and increase their resilience.

We work with colleagues in London's boroughs to show schools how they can support their pupils to be healthier, and to encourage more schools to join the scheme.

How it works

Schools can achieve three levels of awards, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Healthy Schools Borough Leads support schools to apply for Awards and review and approve applications.

Schools in the boroughs that don't have a Healthy Schools Borough Lead, please contact the Healthy Schools London team at [email protected].  

What schools get

We have gathered guidance from around London, the UK and the world to help support, guide and inspire their work. These Healthy Schools London resources will help you create a successful approach to things like: healthy eating, physical health, emotional wellbeing, Personal Social Health and Economic Education (PSHE)  and more.

Why do we need a Healthy Schools London Programme?

We know that when children are healthy and happy at school, they can achieve more. The links between pupil health (especially a healthy weight) and wellbeing and how well they do academically is backed up by robust evidence. Physical activity as well as effective social and emotional support are linked to higher achievement.

Benefits to schools

The benefits go beyond health. Participating schools report reduced incidence of bullying, improved behaviour and increased attendance. Headteachers have also said that they found the Healthy Schools London programme helpful as a general school improvement tool.

What schools are doing now

Examples of work in London schools includes:

  • welcoming dining room environment
  • increased uptake in healthy school meals
  • improved cooking skills
  • road safety and bike sheds
  • increased walking and cycling to school
  • more school sport clubs and physical activities 
  • increased participation in physical activity
  • re-designed playgrounds
  • more active playtimes
  • playtime buddies
  • anti-bullying and pupil voice
  • mindfulness and positive relationships

Get inspired by London schools making real change to the health and wellbeing of their students.

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