The Mayor meets NHS staff as he donates blood at City Hall

Champion and Challenge

Although the Mayor has no responsibility for delivering or commissioning health and care services, he is in a unique position to challenge and champion these vital services on behalf of Londoners.

Alongside the Mayor’s Health Inequalities Strategy champion and challenge is a key part of his ambition that all Londoners should have the best opportunities to live a long life in good health, where no one’s health suffers because of who they are or where they live.  


The Mayor believes the NHS is a precious public asset and he continues to make the case to government for London to get the resources it needs to deliver world class services. This includes championing the contribution of those who work in health and social care. The Mayor also champions the role of other partners (e.g. local government) in keeping London healthy; arguing for sustainable funding for prevention, public health and social care.   

The Mayor also champions health and care issues that are important to Londoners. By adding his voice to health campaigns, he can amplify messages that save and improve lives. Examples range from support for this year’s The Moonwalk London, to spreading public health messages like the importance of getting your flu jab or donating blood.  


The Mayor plays a key role in making sure the NHS and other health partnerships deliver for Londoners. He believes Londoners should have access to the best healthcare services. The Mayor encourages the health and care system in London to do more to reduce health inequalities, to keep people healthy and to help Londoners make healthier choices.

The Mayor regularly meets with senior leaders in London’s NHS, including the regional director for NHS England and Improvement, and the leadership of the London Ambulance Service. Here the Mayor challenges these organisations on key areas of performance and explores opportunities for collaborative working. The Mayor also chairs the London Health Board, which brings together health and care partners to drive improvements in health and wellbeing and encourages collaboration in solving complex issues.    

As the NHS progresses with implementing its Long Term Plan the Mayor plays a role in holding them to account and advocating for the interests of Londoners. Recently, the Mayor responded to the NHS’s proposals for legislative change to support the Long Term Plan, writing to the Chief Executive of the NHS, Simon Stevens, to outline his views.  

The Mayor will continue to challenge the NHS to demonstrate that any major transformation or service reconfiguration is done in the interests of Londoners. He will do this using the mechanism of his six tests.

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