Nursing Degree Apprenticeship

What does the course involve?

The Nursing Degree Apprenticeship is a new way of becoming a Registered Nurse in the UK.

An apprenticeship is a system of learning while working, enabling people to achieve a qualification in their chosen career. There are now increasing opportunities for support workers to apply for apprenticeships through their employer.

As a Nursing Degree Apprentice, you will be employed in a health or social care organisation that offers the Nursing Degree Apprenticeship programme, at the same time as being a student at a partner university. You are supported by your employer and the university to achieve the learning and skills required to become a Registered Nurse. 

How much does it cost?

Course fees are paid by the employer.

How long does it take?

Through this route, it takes up to four years to qualify as a registered nurse. There are opportunities to 'top up' relevant foundation degree qualifications on shortened two-year programmes.

Entry requirements

  • level 2 English and Maths or recognised equivalent - support to achieve level 2 English and Maths
  • level 3 qualification or recognised equivalent
  • employment with healthcare organisation offering apprenticeship degree programme
  • health clearance
  • police clearance – UK DBS

NHS Apprentice Recruitment Introduction

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What next?

Through this route, you will qualify as a nurse in your chosen field (adultchildlearning disability or mental health). You can progress your career in many ways, including specialist practice. As a nurse, you can work in many settings including hospitals, community services, care homes, nurse education, research, leadership and more.

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