Open Project System (OPS)

A new grant and project management system

The Open Project System (OPS) is a new, user friendly online system which organisations can use to submit bids for funding.

The new system is used to:

  • Create and submit new bids for grant funding
  • Assess and approve bids
  • Monitor project progress (both internal GLA projects and those submitted by partners)
  • Report on key milestones, outputs and risks
  • Make payments and issue reclaims
  • Monitor budgets, expenditure and forecasts
  • Audit changes and record decisions
  • Submit and approve recycled grant annual returns

How do I register?

Your organisation will need to create a profile for each department you wish to apply for funding. Once approved, your organisation admin can approve additional users and assign roles.

If your organisation is not yet registered on the system, a user within your organisation should make a request to register a new organisation by visiting the OPS login-in page and clicking 'New to OPS'. This user will become your organisation admin once the request has been approved. They can then approve additional users from your organisation and create profiles for other departments.

If your organisation is already registered you can gain access by contacting your organisation admin. They will provide you with your organisation’s registration key which you will need when registering. They will also approve your request and assign you a role.

If you are not sure if your organisation is registered or do not know the name of your organisation admin, please ask your lead GLA contact who will be able to look this up for you or email [email protected] with your organisation name and ID if you have one.

Which departments are using OPS?

You can currently register your organisation against the following departments which are or will be administering grant programmes using the system:

  • GLA Housing & Land Directorate
  • GLA Regeneration Unit
  • GLA Culture Unit
  • GLA Skills & Employment Unit
  • Old Oak & Park Royal Development Corporate (OPDC)
  • Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC)

Plans are also underway to roll the OPS system out to the wider GLA and this page will be updated as more departments are brought online.

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