Clone of European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

2007-2013 funds are now fully committed,projects have now delivered all activities and the programme will close in 2016-2017.

Strategic direction and priorities of the 2014 -2020 European Structural Investment Funds, including the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) are set up by the London Enterprise Panel (LEP). Learn more about current programmes.

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About the ERDF

The ERDF was established to promote sustainable, environmentally efficient growth in the capital. It capitalises on London’s innovation and knowledge resources, promoting social inclusion through extending economic opportunities to communities where this is most needed.


London ERDF 2007-13 Operational Programme

The London ERDF 2007-13 Operational Programme (OP) is available to download. 


Details on partnership and governance arrangements for ERDF in London, including Programme Monitoring Committee meeting minutes and programme progress reports, are available.

Project management

The GLA’s European Programmes Management Unit (EPMU) is the ‘Intermediate Body’ responsible for the delivery of London’s 2007–13 and 2014-20 EU Programmes. View the 2007-2013 guidance.

Should you require access to past ERDF forms and guidance, please contact EPMU.

Jessica: London Green Fund

This section provides details and updates on the London Green Fund, which was set up to provide repayable investments for waste infrastructure, decentralized energy and energy efficiency projects in London.

The London SME Fund

This section provides information and updates on the London SME Fund, which was launched in April 2013 to provide equity finance for early stage London-based Businesses.

European Regional Development Fund

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