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ERDF Programme: 2007-2013

2007-2013 funds are now fully committed, projects have now delivered all activities and the programme will close in 2017.

Strategic direction and priorities of the 2014 -2020 European Structural Investment Funds, including the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) are set up by the London Enterprise Panel (LEP). Learn more about current programmes.

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About the ERDF

The ERDF was established to promote sustainable, environmentally efficient growth in the capital. It capitalises on London’s innovation and knowledge resources, promoting social inclusion through extending economic opportunities to communities where this is most needed.


London ERDF 2007-13 Operational Programme

The London ERDF 2007-13 Operational Programme (OP) is available to download. 


The London European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Programme was overseen by the ERDF Local Management Committee (LMC), chaired by a delegated person authorised by the Mayor. The ERDF LMC was composed of representatives from theUK Government departments, the European Commission and partners representing different sectors and organisations in London.The LMC was  responsible for considering and approving the criteria for selecting the projects financed under the programme. The GLA was responsible for the programme strategy and approving recommendations for awarding funding. Within the GLA, the European Programmes Management Unit (EPMU) undertakes the overall programme management, project appraisal, payment and monitoring roles, and acts as secretariat for the LMC.


Project management

The GLA’s European Programmes Management Unit (EPMU) is the ‘Intermediate Body’ responsible for the delivery of London’s 2007–13 and 2014-20 EU Programmes.

Should you require access to past ERDF forms and guidance, please contact EPMU.

Annual Implementation Reports (AIR)

Interim Evaluation Report

In 2012 Regeneris conducted an independent interim evaluation of the London ERDF programme. This included interviews with stakeholders (including some LMC members) and ERDF projects, plus a thorough review of project and programme documentation.

Regeneris’ final report provides a very useful overview of the ERDF programme and highlights areas of good practice. It also proposes areas for development (many of which focus on the 2014-20 programme).

The five key findings for 2007-13 are:

  1. an effective Operational Programme in terms of strategy
  2. implementation has largely progressed as planned
  3. the programme is making strong progress in committing funds. The programme is making reasonable progress in achieving programme targets
  4. EPMU has provided strong programme management
  5. there are a number of lessons and examples of good practice which can inform the 2014-20 ERDF programme in London.

Read the ERDF report, including proposed recommendations.

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