Drinking Fountains for London

We’ve partnered with Thames Water to install a network of more than 100 drinking water fountains across London. 

We want to reduce the number of single-use plastic water bottles used in the capital and provide free access to healthy tap water.

We invited applications from local boroughs, public and private landowners, or leaseholders and managing agents who have permission for a fountain to be installed.

Applications for this round of funding are now closed. Further funding rounds may be available depending on the quality of applications received.

What sites are suitable?

We’re looking for locations that are:

  • busy - with lots of people passing by
  • publicly accessible - for at least eight hours a day
  • not near existing fountains (unless there is lots of demand for more fountains)

We're especially looking for places where lots of people use single-use plastic water bottles but could be persuaded to refill a bottle instead.

This may include:

  • busy shopping areas
  • tourist hotspots
  • business districts
  • commuter routes
  • transport hubs
  • popular green spaces

We may consider other factors such as the health benefits that better access to tap water would provide.

About the fountains

The Mayor of London and Thames Water will cover the cost of the fountains and their installation. They will be owned by Thames Water who will maintain and clean the fountains for 25 years (minimum).

Thames Water will also work with applicants on the installation and help getting any related permissions (eg planning, highway). Applicants will need to be able to grant access for Thames Water to install, maintain and clean each fountain. 

Free-standing or wall-mounted fountains are available, all will have a bottle filler and some may include a fountain from which you can drink directly.

Assessment criteria

Potential sites will be assessed using two criteria:


  • displacement of single-use plastic water bottles
  • footfall
  • accessibility and visibility
  • proximity of existing fountains 
  • security
  • health benefits


  • permissions
  • access to water supply
  • access to drainage
  • applicant resource and knowledge

Your application

Applications are open until 5pm on Friday 7 December. Successful applicants will be informed in stages, starting in mid-December. You may be contacted to clarify aspects of your application before conditional offers are made. if you haven't heard from us by the end of January 2019 your application was not successful.

For this round we are looking for a maximum of five locations from each applicant, please submit a separate application for each location.

After assessing the demand, diversity and quality of applications, we may open further rounds in 2019. We expect a lot of applications so encourage you to apply now!

Through this programme, fountains will be installed within the Thames Water supply area. However we welcome applications for sites outside the supply area - they will be supported by a different funding mechanism.

Please read the application guidance notes before you apply.