The Mayor's Biodiesel Programme

We want to turn London’s used cooking oils (UCO) and fats oils and greases (FOG) into biodiesel to power all of London’s buses and public sector road fleet.

The Mayor’s Biodiesel Programme is working with the fuel industry and local authorities to inspire a biodiesel industry revolution in London. We want London to better capture, retain, and process its UCO and FOG and turn it into biodiesel for use right here in London. Growing London’s biodiesel industry to fuel our buses and municipal fleets will deliver green jobs, provide a local renewable fuel supply, reduce carbon dioxide, and avoid UCO and FOG blockages in London sewers that costs London millions of pounds per year to clear. 

We have produced a report setting out the costs and benefits of switching to biodiesel.

You can read more about the market potential for biodiesel use in London in this report 'The market for biodiesel production from used cooking oil and FOGs in London'.

Want to learn more about Biodiesel? Check out our handy Biodiesel Fact Sheet.

Working with Transport for London, the Mayor’s biodiesel programme engages with a range of stakeholders to understand the barriers to switching to biodiesel, and unlocking investment into new biodiesel capacity in London. Success so far:

  • 127 Stagecoach buses in Barking and Dagenham are run on 20% (B20) biodiesel. There are plans to roll out biodiesel to 600 more buses across London in 2015/16
  • The London borough of Hackney is running on 100% biodiesel
  • Biodiesel infrastructure projects are being investigated
  • 4 stakeholder events developing networks and looking at the opportunity for joint working

Our January 2015 event brought together London local authority fleet managers, fuel suppliers and engine manufacturers to share best practice in biodiesel supply. We drew up a visual representation of some of the key ideas and thoughts from the workshop. Can you think of anymore? Tell us your views using Talk London.  

Two reports were also produced:

If you want to find out more, contact [email protected].

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