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Green spaces map

London is one of the greenest cities in the world. Seen from above, more than half of the area is green or blue – amazing for one of the world’s major cities. Glass skyscrapers, busy streets and heritage buildings coexist with allotments, rivers, parks and gardens.

The Mayor wants to make London greener. Iconic parks are part of what makes London special, and green spaces provide welcome shelter in our increasingly built-up world. When designed and managed as an integrated ‘green infrastructure’, our network of parks, green spaces and trees can make the city more resilient and neighbourhoods more livable. The All London Green Grid provides the green infrastructure framework for London.

The map below shows the location of mayoral programmes greening London. Search the map to see what has been achieved in your area.


Please use the drop down menu in the top right hand corner to select a layer. Then click on project symbols to find out more. The layers are:

All Maps – this shows all the green infrastructure programmes that are part of the Mayor’s key programme to improve the public land, London Great Outdoors.

Pocket Parks – the Mayor’s Pocket Park Programme will deliver 100 pocket parks across London by March 2015. Zoom in on the symbols to see the pocket park nearest to you.

Tree Packs – areas where, working with The Woodland Trust, the Mayor has provided tree packs to community groups to help green local areas.

Help a London Park – as one of the original initiatives established under the London’s Great Outdoors programme, Help a London Park has provided funding and advice to improve eleven parks throughout the capital.

The Big Green Fund - the Mayor's Big Green Fund is investing £2million in six large green space projects that collectively demonstrate the social, economic and environmental benefits of investing in green infrastructure.

Street Trees 08-12 – street trees planted within priority areas as part of the Mayor's Street Tree Programme during his first term (2008-2012).

Street Trees 12-15 – street trees planted by postcode district to date as part of the Mayor's Street Tree Initiative during his current term.

All London Green Grid - the All London Green Grid (ALGG) is a policy framework to promote the design and delivery of green infrastructure across London. This map shows you the network of green infrastructure projects identified in ALGG Area Frameworks across London. Click on a project and please email us if the project details need updating.