All London Green Grid

The All London Green Grid (ALGG) is a policy framework to promote the design and delivery of ‘green infrastructure’ across London.

Green infrastructure

Green infrastructure can be defined as:

A network of green spaces - and features such as street trees and green roofs - that is planned, designed and managed to provide a range of benefits, including: recreation and amenity, healthy living, reducing flooding, improving air quality, cooling the urban environment, encouraging walking and cycling, and enhancing biodiversity and ecological resilience.

The policy framework comprises London Plan policies on green infrastructure and urban greening - and those relating to open spaces, biodiversity, trees & woodland, and river corridors - plus the All London Green Grid Supplementary Planning Guidance and a series of ALGG Area Frameworks.

The ALGG aims to:

  • increase access to open space
  • conserve landscapes and the natural environment and increase access to nature
  • adapt the city to the impacts of climate change
  • make sustainable travel connections and promote cycling and walking
  • encourage healthy living
  • promote sustainable food growing
  • enhance visitor destinations and boots the visitor economy
  • promote green skills and sustainable approaches to design, management and maintenance

ALGG Area Frameworks

Eleven Area Frameworks have been produced which expand on the strategic opportunities set out in the ALGG Supplementary Planning Guidance. These have been produced by All London Green Grid Area Groups.

They identify projects that would deliver London’s network of green infrastructure. They do this by:

  • establishing a comprehensive baseline understanding of each area
  • defining a vision, area objectives and strategic opportunities for each area
  • identifying the specific projects that can improve and enhance green infrastructure in each area
  • encouraging partnership working and a more joined up approach to allocating resources

Partner policies and programmes

The All London Green Grid can only be delivered through collaborative by a wide range of partners including the London Boroughs, the Environment Agency, the Forestry Commission, Natural England and environmental organisations such as the Trees for cities, London Wildlife Trust and Thames 21.

Below are links to some of the key policies and programmes of our partners:

  • The London River Action Plan  identifies the potential for the restoration of rivers across London to enhance their ecology, improve water quality and reduce flooding by the re-instatement of more natural river channels.
  • Valuing london's Urban Forest demonstrates the value of the benefits that London’s trees provide. It also highlights the need to manage existing trees and plant new ones to ensure those benefits are maintained for future generations.
  • London's Living Landscapes sets out a framework for a landscape approach to improving the ecology of London and London's Natural Signatures provides information that can can help planners and developers reflect natural landscapes more clearly when regenerating and renewing the capital.​

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