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Visit the Heat Map resources page on the London Datastore. There you'll be able to download the carbon calculator tool, heat mapping reports and data, publications and more useful information supporting the London Heat Map.

Below is a brief summary of what to expect.

Energy Masterplans

We've supported all London Boroughs to develop heat maps, and helped create energy masterplans for different areas of London. These plans look at energy supply and demand alongside the potential for district heating and combined heat and power. They look at opportunities for heating developments in new ways.

The London Heat Network Manual

The London Heat Network Manual provides practical guidance to local authorities, energy services companies, developers and planners on the development and delivery of heat networks in London. It includes chapters on design, standards, construction, management and innovation of District Heating.

Heat mapping reports and data

In March 2012, all London boroughs did a heat mapping exercise. 

The reports have real heat use data for buildings like hospitals, leisure centres and local council buildings. As part of this work, each borough came up with a plan to help them make the most of any DE opportunities they found. These plans include barriers and opportunities, what steps the council need to take, key dates and who is responsible. 

You can download all of these reports and further data related to decentralised energy on the London Datastore.

More useful data is on the Centre for Sustainable Energy website


Read reports, publications and other items related to the London Heat Map.


Tools: Carbon Calculator

Arup have produced a Carbon Calculator Tool to assist projects in their early estimation of the CO2 savings which could be realised by a district heating scheme with different sources of heating.

The calculator's estimates include the impact of a decarbonising electrical grid over time, based on projections by the Department for Energy and Climate Change, as well as the Government's Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP).

The Excel-based tool can be downloaded from the London Datastore.

User guide

A user manual will be available shortly.



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