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Guaranteed savings

The framework is energy performance contracting (EPC). This means that when a framework supplier (ESCo) enters into a contract with a public sector organisation, the ESCo guarantees the energy savings from the works that it is undertaking over a given period.  As a result, there is no sharing of savings with the ESCo. 

Quick and efficient procurement

The framework helps public sector organisations to procure an ESCo quickly, efficiently and economically.

Typical measures include:

  • lighting and controls
  • heat recovery
  • variable speed drives on pumps/fans
  • PC control and voltage optimisation
  • water efficiency measures
  • building management system
  • energy management software
  • automated meter reading
  • automatic monitoring and targeting
  • photovoltaic panels
  • solar thermal
  • cavity wall and loft insulation
  • insulation to pipework
  • draught proofing
  • secondary glazing
  • radiator reflector panels
  • district heating
  • combined heat and power

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