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In order for schools to maximise on their energy savings, the best practice is to have a cluster of at least 8 schools within a  London borough. 

Schools also benefit from a faster process as we have a specific service provider assigned to schools, so you wouldn't need to go through a tender stage. 


  • free support and advice from start to finish
  • energy savings guaranteed
  • average saving of 15-25% on school energy bills
  • you keep 100% of your savings – no sharing or hidden costs
  • access to interest-free loans tailor-made for schools
  • new equipment and lower maintenance costs
  • a school environment that fits your staff and students better
  • reassurance of using a tried and tested scheme which has already supported over 200 organisations
  • an approved service provider to do the work

If you would like to benefit from our guaranteed energy savings, then just complete the form below. The RE:FIT team will get in touch with your London borough once we have at least 8 interested schools.

You can also read our FAQs to find out more or contact us.

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RE:FIT was developed to overcome three key barriers that were preventing the retrofit of non-domestic public sector buildings from happening at the required rate and scale:

  • a lack of capacity and expertise within public sector organisations to identify and implement projects, and access finance
  • long and complex procurement processes
  • risks associated with investing money with long term paybacks and no savings guarantees

2008 – RE:FIT is piloted

This was launched to test whether a combination of an energy performance contracting (EPC) model and expert technical support could overcome the barriers set out above and so accelerate the pace and scale of retrofit. Under this model, energy service companies (ESCos) guarantee a set level of energy savings, thus ensuring a future income stream to fund investment in the energy efficiency improvements.

This approach means the risk associated with the delivery of energy savings is borne by the ESCo rather than the building owner. During the pilot, 42 GLA-owned buildings successfully underwent energy efficiency works, with energy savings as high as 28 per cent over an average seven year payback from an investment of £8m.

2009 - the first RE:FIT framework is launched

This EPC framework of ten suppliers was set up under the EU procurement regime, to streamline the procurement process and ensure guaranteed savings for public sector organisations. The framework was open to organisations throughout the UK. Technical support was provided on an interim basis.

2011 - the first RE:FIT Programme Delivery Unit starts work

This was set up by the GLA, with funding from ELENA, to support London’s public sector organisations and to manage the framework.

2012 - the second RE:FIT framework is launched

The second RE:FIT framework procured by the GLA comprised 12 suppliers.

2014 - RE:FIT goes national

A testament to the success of RE:FIT is that, in 2014, Local Partnerships, with the support of and funding from the Department of Energy and Climate Change, launched a RE:FIT support service similar (though not identical) to the one operating in London, for public sector organisations outside the capital.

2016 – a new RE:FIT framework and a new Programme Delivery Unit are launched

Early 2016 will see the launch of a new national RE:FIT framework and a new London Programme Delivery Unit, in place until 2020 and 2019 respectively.  

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