RE:FIT Frequently Asked Questions

General information about RE:FIT

What is RE:FIT London?

RE:FIT is the Mayor of London's energy efficiency programme, to help London’s non-domestic public buildings reduce energy bills and carbon emission. 

Who manages the RE:FIT framework

The Greater London Authority, jointly funded by the European Regional Development Fund, helping to achieve the ambitious target to cut carbon emissions across London by 60% by 2025.

How long has RE:FIT been operational?

Since 2010, and now in its second generation.

What has RE:FIT achieved to date?

The programme is an award winning programme that has achieved over £100m capital investment, in excess of £7m annual energy savings and over 200 clients engaged across all sectors.

What are the main benefits of RE:FIT?

  • You keep 100% of the energy savings generated
  • Free consultancy support from our skilled Programme Delivery Unit
  • Guaranteed savings from the RE:FIT service providers
  • Open book pricing and commercial agreements
  • Fully Official Journal of the European Union compliant fast-track procurement 

Is the framework Official Journal of the European Union compliant?

Yes, the framework is fully compliant. 

Energy Savings and costs

What are the typical savings?

Every RE:FIT scheme is different, but to date across the programme, energy savings of 15-20%, and paybacks of 5-7 years are typical. 

How are the guaranteed energy savings monitored?

The service providers are responsible through its Measurement & Verification service - an integral part of any offer contracted through RE:FIT - and reported throughout the entire Payback period. This is undertaken in accordance with the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP).

What happens if the guaranteed savings are not achieved?

The service provider must resolve the reduced energy performance by either adding in additional measures to meet their guarantee or paying the client the difference.

How does RE:FIT ensure value for money?

It's achieved in three ways - through open book pricing, business case benchmarking and the service providers performance guarantee

Is there a cost to use the Programme Delivery Unit support?

No, the framework offers FREE Programme Delivery Unit support funded by the Greater London Authority and European Regional Development Fund.

Can RE:FIT help with finance and funding?

Yes - the Programme Delivery Unit can introduce you to finance vehicles, such as SALIX (interest free) and London Energy Efficiency Fund (LEEF). 

Using RE:FIT

Who can use the RE:FIT framework?

All public sector organisations including; Central and Local Government, Education (Schools, Universities and Colleges), Health Care, Cultural organisations, Charities and Museums.

What type of projects can RE:FIT be used for?

Energy conservation and efficiency, renewables (solar PV) and energy generation schemes such as combined heat & power (CHP).

How do I access the RE:FIT framework?

Contact the RE:FIT London team.

Can RE:FIT be used alongside other energy savings initiatives?

Yes - many clients to date have used RE:FIT as a part of their carbon management plans alongside other mitigation strategies

How long does RE:FIT procurement take?

Far quicker than open Official Journal of the European Union procurement - typically 3-6 months to procure, design and commence installation of energy efficiency measures. 

Can RE:FIT be delivered by my Facilities Management contractor?

Yes, if the Facilities Management contractor is part of the 16 approved Official Journal of the European Union compliant service providers, or if your Facilities Management contractor contracts one of the 16 service providers. 

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