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Providing expert, end to support – free of charge

RE:FIT’s highly skilled and experienced Programme Delivery Unit (PDU) provide free-of-charge support to public sector organisations, to help them get energy efficiency retrofit projects and programmes up, running and successfully implemented.

These organisations include London boroughs, NHS bodies, central government departments, schools and other educational establishments and cultural and heritage organisations.

The PDU also provide a range of best practice information, including case studies, access to previous RE:FIT participants to share knowledge, benchmarking and cost information on project costs, savings and carbon reductions.

The RE:FIT London Programme is able to meet most organisation’s requirements; organisations requiring high valued projects are able to go out to tender using the framework of 16 Service Providers, OJEU compliant specialist service providers. Alternatively, for organisations whose projects are valued at a lesser amounts, are able to use a specialist service provider, already procured and therefore removing the tendering process.

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