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Apply for the Fuel Poverty Support Fund

Applications for this grant closed on 10 January 2018. A second round of funding will be available in early 2019.

More than 335,000 households are still affected by fuel poverty. Rising housing costs and energy prices, along with stagnating wages and reductions in benefits for the most vulnerable households, means that some Londoners have really been hit hard.

The Mayor has launched a new £500,000 fund for boroughs to help those Londoners who are affected by fuel poverty. A total budget of £150,000 is being made available for this first phase of the fund, with further rounds planned for future years. The fund will help boroughs:

  • reach a larger number of fuel poor households
  • carry out more home energy visits
  • increase support for people in fuel debt - address misbilling with suppliers, and assist with repayment plans and grant applications
  • recruit more network partners, or make the support they offer to vulnerable households even better

What's next

The Mayor's draft Fuel Poverty Action Plan includes steps to improve the living conditions of fuel poor households.