London's climate change expertise

The Mayor of London is part of the London Climate Change Partnership (LCCP), a network of experts from the public, private and community sectors in London. 

Adapting the city to climate change

LCCP has worked to increase London’s resilience to extreme weather events (such as heatwaves) across sectors since 2001. This means preparing the capital for the severe weather we experience today as well as for longer-term climate change that London will face during this century and beyond. 

We do this by:

  • promoting access to the best weather and scientific data and climate projections
  • facilitating peer learning and knowledge exchange across sectors
  • working with particular sectors to provide relevant guidance and advice about how to adapt. 

LCCP leads on London’s ‘sector-based approach’ to adaptation, meaning it supports sectors such as transport, health, buildings, and the natural environment to understand the risks and opportunities that climate change will bring and to develop robust responses by working in partnership. 

This sector-based approach includes developing adaptation indicators for London to try and demonstrate how well-prepared London’s services, economy, environment, and people are for a changing climate, and whether the measures we take to adapt are effective. 
LCCP also encourages different infrastructure sectors to work together to understand the interdependencies that allow disruption in one sector to cause knock-on effects in others. 

LCCP also works with the Climate Just project, which helps us understand the social impacts of climate change in London, and which people are likely to be worst affected. We held a Climate Just relaunch event in February 2018 and continue to work with partners to embed consideration of socially vulnerable people in climate action. 

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