Teacher training map 2019

The teacher training map lists upcoming teacher training opportunities throughout London. Explore the map and find out the opportunity suitable for you.

You can use the map to search for opportunities by primary or secondary, subject and training route. The map shows training opportunities by lead school / teaching school alliance (black pins).

Click on a lead school / teaching school (black pins) to see the network of schools that are affiliated to this school (blue pins), these provide an indication of where you could potentially train. Not all of these schools will offer training opportunities. To find out more about specific training locations, contact the lead school or provider directly.

You can also use the 'Context' tab to see transport links and relative housing costs in that part of London. 


More details on the routes into teaching are on the teacher training FAQs page.

Note: The information for the lead schools is taken from Department for Education data as of 26 October 2017 (Initial teacher training allocations 2018 to 2019). It identifies Initial teacher Training (ITT) places allocated by the National College for Teaching and Leadership across all London training routes for the 2018-19 academic year. This information on ITT places was provided by lead schools and accredited ITT providers. Current numbers of places available and updated details can be obtained from their websites.

The information on schools that are affiliated to lead schools / teaching schools is taken from the lead schools individual website. Not all of these schools will offer training opportunities.

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