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Childcare Deposit Loan Scheme

With the Childcare Deposit Loan Scheme Toolkit, we're urging businesses and organisations across London to support parents to return to the workforce.

Employers across the capital can help to make childcare more accessible for working families with the Toolkit. Parents are being 'locked out of the workplace' by rising costs and expensive upfront deposits for nursery places. This toolkit is aimed at employers in all sectors in the capital who want to support their employees with the cost of childcare in London.

Affordable, quality early years education and childcare is crucial to London’s social and economic infrastructure. It helps parents to work, improves children’s outcomes and helps children's development. The barriers are high costs and upfront costs which stop families from using it in the first place. The Childcare Deposit Loan Scheme has been used by families for:

  • Upfront childcare costs, such as registration fees
  • Holiday play schemes
  • Nursery deposits

See further details about how the scheme operates across the GLA family.

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