Woodside Primary Academy


Rapid, high impact interventions based on robust data

What problems were in your school and how did you identify them?

RAISEonline data showed our school was in the bottom 25%for achievement and progress in all areas.

What actions did you take?

All staff were trained on how to analyse and use class data and had a clear understanding of their accountability for the progress of their pupils.

Class teachers identified 6 pupils in English and Maths who were underachieving. These pupils had 15 minutes per day of additional intervention within class. This continued daily for two weeks. The progress of each group was reviewed with a Senior Leader following the intervention sessions. All targets (3-4) needed to be met by the end of the two week period for the pupils to exit the group. However, no pupil was allowed to stay in the group beyond a 4 week period.

What were the outcomes?

Attainment in line or sig+ National Average & progress in the top 6% of UK for the past 3 years.

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