Westminster Academy


Improving literacy engagement of disadvantaged SEN students

What problems were in your school and how did you identify them?

A high number of disadvantaged students came from KS2 with low literacy. The English teachers struggled to engage these students or develop their reading skills, and improvement in reading ages was minimal.

What actions did you take?

The SEN team analysed reading and spelling data and invited 35 SEN students to attend morning reading groups where Ruth Miskin and the Rapid Plus program were delivered to students. The use of these high interest low difficulty books were used to engage students in subjects that have been proven to interest secondary school students, but not intimidate them with their reading difficulty. We invited students to this intervention on a regular basis, provided them with details of their progress and specific positive praise to raise their self-efficacy around reading and also improve their reading skills.

What were the outcomes?

Students made progress in their reading skills and on average made 1 level of improvement in English assessment and had greater engagement in class.

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