Stebon Primary School 2019/20


Irresistible learning, early intervention, partnership working, relationships, relationships, relationships

What problems were in your school and how did you identify them?

  • Very low outcomes at the end of KS2
  • Culturally low expectations of what pupils from deprived communities could achieve
  • Run down premises
  • Demotivated staff & de-skilled leadership

What actions did you take?


  • set out our vision & made sure everyone felt like they wanted to be part of that journey towards excellence
  • energised existing staff & attracted new people who wanted to make a difference
  • put children at the heart of our decisions
  • developed an exciting, relevant themed curriculum that children love
  • carried out 3 phases of refurbishment over 4 years
  • grew an inclusion team to include a school-based social worker, family engagement officer, speech & language therapist & learning mentor - focused on early identification & intervention
  • introduced a bespoke leadership development programme focusing on coaching & mentoring. All staff have a line manager with whom they meet weekly
  • re-focused staff on quality first teaching & assessment for learning

What were the outcomes?

Despite very low starting points, 80% of pupils achieved the expected standard combined at KS2. The national average was 64%.

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