St Joseph's Catholic Primary School 2019/20


Constant striving for success with high expectations for all pupils

What problems were in your school and how did you identify them?

No defined group of pupils. Gaps in knowledge. Poor behaviour for learning although general behaviour was excellent. Lack of parental engagement in learning either due to interest or ability.

What actions did you take?

Forensic analysis of prior progress and attainment data. All under-achieving pupils identified and gaps in knowledge addressed. Targeted learning interventions provided, evaluated and altered as necessary. Maths and English tutor appointed, to address pupil misconceptions from morning lessons each afternoon. Rigorous half termly Pupil Progress meetings held with all staff involved in pupils’ learning. Four bespoke learning ‘Super Powers’ created based on Characteristics of Effective Learning in EYFS; pupils praised for using them in class and celebrated in weekly assemblies. Weekly ‘Stay and Learn’ drop-in sessions for parents and plethora of parent workshops. Regular 1:1 parents meetings with an SLT member. Accelerated learning groups for key subject areas.

What were the outcomes?

2017/18 Progress Measures: Reading 3.5 - Well above average, Writing 3.1 - Well above average (Low prior attainment 3.7), Maths 1.6 - Above average

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