Maryland Primary School 2019/20


Curriculum innovators: being courageous, taking risks makes Maryland a success

What problems were in your school and how did you identify them?

  • Pupils not provided enough challenge- Ofsted 2017
  • Reading comprehension, below national/local authority: 2016,2017 data
  • Writing below national: 2017 data, pupils
  • 2018: Boys achieving below national/local authority average.

What actions did you take?

  • 'Gold work'- all lessons had challenges included through questioning, marking or certain work set in lessons across the curriculum.
  • Reading: introduced PEE strategy (point, evidence and explain) to scrutinise texts.
  • Devised a reading comprehension programme (10 minute lessons, from Year R Year 6) based around talking and watching interesting films, studying art, listening to music. Through this we taught the 7 key reading skills and made sure that every session had sentence stems and tricky questions. ('Talktime')
  • Writing & boys: Aimed to cultivate proactive approaches to build resilience and originality in boys writing. We have done this through reviewing our afternoon curriculum so that writing is embedded in the subjects we know boys enjoy such as history and geography.

What were the outcomes?

  • Reading: 76% exp, 20% GDS
  • Writing: 76% exp, 15% GDS
  • Maths: 85% exp, 25% GDS

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