Ainslie Wood Primary School


Teacher Development and Personalised Learning

What problems were in your school and how did you identify them?

The quality of teaching was simply not good enough, causing lack of engagement in learning and behaviour problems. This culminated in very low standards across the school.

What actions did you take?

We split Teaching from Learning so we could address each individually. The Leader of Teaching developed a Collaborative Teaching Team, which developed individual teachers through a system of marginal gains.
They worked closely together with the Leader of Learning who focused on children and their individual needs.
This work created swift, significant impact for both children and adults.  Flexible, personalised plans were set with high expectations and incorporating learning at all levels.

What were the outcomes?

From threat of closure, in one year we became the third most improved school in the country. Three years on, we are in the top 1% nationally for progress.

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