Schools for Success events, research and visits

All London schools can learn from the expertise of the Mayor's Schools for Success at free events or through school visits.


Read The Mayor's Schools for Success: What has helped them to Succeed? report produced by UCL Institute of Education, this recognises the traits common to our 2017/18 Schools for Success schools. 

Read the Boys on Track report produced by LKMco about improving support for Black Caribbean and Free School Meal-Eligible White Boys in London.


Our autumn term event, in partnership with Whole School SEND, took place at City Hall on 14 October 2019.

Around 45 mainstream school leaders and SENCO practitioners discussed:

  • Ways of reducing the risk of exclusion and providing the right early support for SEND pupils
  • Whole Schools SEND's presentation of their new SEND leadership guide for discussion and feedback before publication.

The keynote presenters’ slides can be downloaded below. A fuller transcript of table discussions is available on request, via [email protected] 

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