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The Stepping Stones pilot programme was run by teachers from three London secondary schools: 

  • Gladesmore Community School
  • Heathcote School and Science College.
  • The Urswick School

Alongside the GLA, they worked closely with Gangs Unite - who provided community mentoring and helped shaped Stepping Stones lessons - and OPM Group, who conducted the programme evaluation.

Gladesmore Community School


Krista Mitchell, Gladesmore Community School

Krista Mitchell, Assistant Headteacher

Krista Mitchell is Assistant Headteacher at Gladesmore Community School. Her responsibilities include PSHE, oversight of SEN provision and Teaching and Learning.

Heathcote School and Science College


Neil  Hutchins Heathcote School and Science College

Neil Hutchins, Assistant Headteacher

Neil Hutchins is an Assistant Headteacher at Heathcote School and Science College. He has responsibilities for students' pastoral care and attendance.

The Urswick School


Martha Braggins, The Urswick School

Martha Braggins, Assistant Headteacher

Martha Braggins is Assistant Headteacher at The Urswick School, with responsibilities for Equalities and Key Stage 3.

Gangs Unite


Gangs Unite is a youth-focused social action group that tries to bring together young people with common interests, and to help divert often violent energies toward self-empowerment, social change and unity.

It supports the next generation of leaders through innovative programmes that promote positive social dialogue across boundaries of age, race, class, gender, culture, and sexual orientation.

OPM Group


OPM Group is an independent employee-owned research and consultancy organisation. It supports and champions social change efforts, and helps people to have a say in the decisions that affect them.

OPM Group did the evaluation and impact analysis for the Stepping Stones pilot.

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