London Bridge City Summer Festival


We’d like you to tell us about some of the fantastic things happening in London for young people this summer. We can help you shout about it.  Just spread the word using #ourLDNsummer and let young Londoners know all the great stuff that’s going on.

What is #ourLDNsummer?

We’d like all the organisations that work with children and young people in the capital to tweet about their summer holiday activities using #ourLDNsummer.


London is a fantastic place, with loads going on all summer long. We want young Londoners to know about the exciting things they can do over the summer.

There are so many new things to do. You could learn to kayak, act in a play, do a dance masterclass, be a volunteer, make music or enjoy sports.

Who’s it for?

Initially, we will be targeting organisations who work with children and young people.  Over the summer we hope that more and more children, young people and their parents use #ourLDNsummer to find out about activities and to let us know what they have done over the summer.

What age range?

We are focusing on activities for children and young people aged 10-17.

What time period?

We’d like you to tweet about activities taking place in July, August and September.

How do I get involved?

Make sure you share your summer activities for young Londoners with #ourLDNsummer.

Spread the word about #ourLDNsummer with your colleagues and the children and young people you work with.

What's been happening so far?

#ourLDNsummer is supported by the Mayor of London and London Youth