London Curriculum - Key Stage 2

We’ve developed new resources for key stage 2 that include activity plans for a range of subjects, including English, science, art and design, history and religious studies.

Join Fen the Fox on his journeys around the city and discover all the secrets and treasures that London has to offer!

Going Underground

The first learning pack for primary schools, Going Underground, lets your students take a peek beneath the busy streets of our city.

It encourages primary school teachers to adopt a cross-curricular approach in their teaching. Inspired by the secrets of underground London, the resources explores hidden rivers, dungeons, secret war time bunkers and Roman houses, as well as the London Underground’s innovative art and poetry programmes.

Illuminating London

Light is everywhere. It is vital to life, from growing plants to supporting animals in their various habitats. Light is also an important cultural and religious symbol, a special part of celebrations for many people. London uses the Power of light in some very interesting ways.

The second learning pack for primary schools, Illuminating London, takes students into the world of light. From London’s theatres to religious festivals and how they use light.

Rebuilding London

London’s buildings are the envy of the world. London’s rebuilds after World War Two and The Great Fire of London were vast and required the help of some world-class Architects.

You’ll follow Fen on his quest to learn how to build basic coding sequences online and in the classroom. Finally, you’ll explore the building blocks of Dance, through learning and performing London’s own dance – the ‘Hand Jive.’ Join Fen on his exciting exploration of the buildings that make London the great capital that it is.


To view the full routine, modelled by DDMIX founder Darcey Bussell CBE, contact the London Curriculum team by e-mailing [email protected], titling the e-mail 'DDMIX Hand Jive Video'.    

Family Packs

We have designed four new London Curriculum Family Explorer Trails to encourage families to explore London. They are for use with children aged 5 and above and are a great way for families to have fun together, find out more about this brilliant city, and have the opportunity to win some great prizes.

You can download the trails here and hard copies are available, if you'd like some posted out to you. 

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Our Funders for the Primary Programme

The London Curriculum Primary Programme is supported by the Mayor's Fund for London and kindly funded by BE OPEN.  

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