Young people at InspiresMe Week

Inspiresme Week: Inspiring the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

The Inspiresme Week 2017 project will provide young people with the opportunity and confidence to explore their entrepreneurial skills.

What is Inspiresme Week?

Young people are full of ideas that can be turned into businesses of the future. Inspiresme Week 2017 allows them to learn from those who, like them, had ideas and were able to turn them into their own business.

Inspiresme Week is open to 16-18 year olds and took place between 13-17 February 2017. Young people from 17 London schools and colleges enjoyed placements with small and medium sized company owners across the city.

How does it work?

Hundreds of small and medium sized companies commit to give young people first-hand experience of what it takes to run their own business. The Workspace Group, a partner of ours, also participate, sharing their expertise and knowledge with these would-be entrepreneurs.

Students taking part in Inspiresme Week spent four days shadowing a business leader. On the final day of the programme students will participate in a business challenge, as part of a celebratory event at City Hall.

See highlights from Inspiresme Week 2014 in the below video.

InspiresMe Week 2014

Why should my school get involved?

Inspiresme Week gives young people opportunities to learn, gain experience and develop the skills they will need to compete in a global marketplace. It will also help to build better links between schools and businesses.

How can Businesses get involved?

Enrolment for the 2017 is now closed. However, you can still offer a placement to a young person by signing up the

Why Hoop is taking part in the Inspireme week?

Hoop is an app that helps London families find things to do with their kids. Our business has a strong community focus and so the opportunity to take part in InspiresMe Week was an easy decision to make. To contribute to the community we work in by offering work experience to a young person who lives locally is exactly the kind of project we want to be involved with.

Having employed many people in their first job we know first-hand how little awareness there is of the different roles available in modern companies. We’re excited to give our student experience in technical areas such as marketing, design and software engineering. But also less familiar ones such as site operations and product development. Doing so is particularly important for a business like Hoop where the crucial roles people play may not be that apparent when looking from the outside.


Finally it’s a great opportunity for all our existing team members too. The chance to talk to a young person about their work and teach them new skills is a hugely rewarding experience that we’re confident they will enjoy.  I wouldn’t be surprised if we all learn a thing or two as well!