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Music Excellence London is a supportive forum and an opportunity to reflect on teaching practice and wider educational issues. The Inspire Day was so useful for meeting a range of professionals outside teaching.


Music Excellence London is a dynamic network of classroom teachers, music education hubs, and cultural organisations that supports excellent musical teaching and learning at Key Stage 3 in London. It’s a pan London offer, which includes open access to online resources, an active social media community, webinars, peer-to-peer support and public events. By tackling isolation amongst KS3 music specialist teachers, Music Excellence London supports development of subject specific pedagogy and improves subject knowledge. It provides a vital infrastructure to improve communication between schools and the wider music sector. It also pools information about CPD and cultural learning opportunities offered by associate partners, including workshops, concerts and artist visits. In addition, Music Excellence London offers a rolling events programme, which addresses burning issues for Key Stage 3 music, as identified by teachers.


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Case Study

I’ve been teaching at Woodford County High School for 5 years, and have been really glad to be a part of the Music Excellence London network. The regular teach-meets have given me the opportunity to share ideas and resources with teachers from all across the city. It's given me some great ideas for my teaching, planning and assessment for Key Stage 3. Being part of a small music department, I feel it’s made a great difference to be able to link up with other teachers and to benefit from the support that a wider network can bring - as well as to hopefully offer some support to others too through the webinars and conferences. I know that my students enjoy their music lessons, and really engage with the practical music-based curriculum that we deliver to them. Music Excellence London has been a great influence on this. The work that they've done so far has been really appreciated by teachers I know in other schools too.


- Katie Haslera, Teacher Advocate, Music Excellence London