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Making change happen can be difficult – we need to plan both subject knowledge and pedagogy.


The Problem Solving Hub is led by the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham School Improvement Service in association with the London North East Maths Hub. The aim of the hub is to strategically align the wide-ranging influence of partners on mathematics education in the region. By reinforcing and enhancing existing strengths across the hub, schools develop as local centres of excellence. Lesson study is used as a key mechanism to sustainably affect high quality professional development within and between schools. Hub activity builds on existing national and international networks, and gives schools access to external expert practice in Lesson Study and mathematical problem solving. Schools commit to developing and sharing this expertise in their local context, establishing a community of practice which enables purposeful and sustainable improvement in mathematics education across the region.


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London Borough of Barking and Dagenham 

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Matt Lewis

Maths Problem Solving Hub

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Case Study

George Carey Church of England Primary School has been involved in Lesson Study through the Problem Solving Hub for over three years. This has had a significant impact because it has given us a methodology to raise standards of provision. Teachers have collaborated to plan and deliver lessons focused on children’s dialogic learning and how they can solve problems for themselves through discussion and negotiation. The high level of professional dialogue supports classroom practitioners to think more deeply about the learning processes within their classrooms. External advisers joining us as part of the project have helped to extend and challenge this professional dialogue. Our Deputy Headteacher has grown in confidence in teaching maths in all of her lessons, and now leads on mathematical learning and developing a whole-school approach to Lesson Study. Lesson Study now extends across year groups and is a main driver to move teaching and learning from ‘good’ to ‘outstanding.’ Children really enjoy maths here and I have seen Lesson Study help teachers better understand how children think. Finding maths hard is OK, and by anticipating children’s difficulties teachers are designing great lessons to help with problem solving. We have great hopes for this work – watch this space!


- Chris Harrison, Headteacher, George Carey Church of England Primary School