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I don't know what it's like for other subjects, but my word the support available for physics teachers is incredible.


Capital Physics is a programme of professional development for physics teachers and technicians. It is run by the Institute of Physics (IOP) with additional support from the Ogden Trust.

The project provides termly meetings for six school clusters across London. These meetings allow the schools to share ideas, run demonstrations and have focussed discussions on active approaches to teaching and learning. Each cluster of around ten schools also has its own Capital Physics Coach – someone deeply experienced in A-Level teaching and pedagogy, who works with the cluster, alongside an Ogden Trust Teacher Fellow. Coaches visit schools in order to work with smaller groups of teachers and technicians. They also run enrichment activities and there is an annual conference held for participating schools.

The project supports physics teaching at Key Stage 5 with the aim of increasing the number of pupils, particularly girls, completing their studies and moving on to higher education.


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Institute of Physics 

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Robert Birke

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Daniel Heanes

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Capital Physics

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Case Study

Over the three years of my practice, I have been involved with the Capital Physics project and benefited in many ways, most especially from formal support to develop our department. Through Capital Physics, I have been inspired to come up with my own novel experiments and collaborate with other physics practitioners. This has led to new opportunities through linking with other schools and has also facilitated meaningful enrichment projects for our students. Having access to events and twilight CPD sessions has helped me to confidently take on the role as Head of Physics and Associate Head of Science and feel that I can support the other teachers in my department. Within the wider science department, working with the IOP and Robert's flexibility about the content of our CPD sessions has led to a renewed enthusiasm for physics amongst non-specialists.


- Megan Greet, Head of Physics, Eastbury Community School