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The project has been fantastic in giving teachers time and space to develop their maths knowledge, try out problems, and to think about how they can be taught in the primary classroom.


The hub aims to accelerate transition progress for the rapid graspers in maths - improving maths skills for students working above the expected level.

Participating schools are organised into three distinct geographic clusters, with one secondary and three primary schools per cluster. Specialists from the Compton Teaching School Alliance lead the planning and delivery of a sequential training programme for these clusters, boasting the equivalent of three days of face-to-face training across the  length of the project. The training focuses on developing teachers’ understanding of key mathematical themes, which support the  progress of more able pupils whilst linking to curriculum and assessment. A transitions handbook has also been produced to help embed learning and support future development. It details effective strategies and approaches to teaching more able mathematicians. Through this handbook and its training programme, the hub is improving teacher confidence, subject expertise and accelerating learning outcomes for pupils. 


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Emma Hazlegreaves 

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Compton School Teaching School Alliance

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Case Study

I have been teaching at Lea Valley Primary School for four years and am the Maths Leader. Our school has loved being part of the London Schools Excellence Fund. Our upper key stage 2 teachers have been to twilight CPD sessions where they were trained on activities to stretch the more able. The CPD was carefully crafted to meet our needs by auditing subject knowledge and all our teachers returned to school with lesson and extension ideas to ensure progress for all. The CPD improved our teachers’ subject knowledge and built their confidence. Our pupils visited The Compton School and took part in a maths masterclass for more able mathematicians; this was a hands-on day that stretched and challenged the pupils, and was really enjoyed by all. The pupils were full of enthusiasm, and still talk about it now.Some even mentioned it on their personal comment for their school report. We are really looking forward to the upcoming events including a Maths Magician day and the exciting maths challenge day! Our pupils have all been practicing and are eager to be picked to compete as part of the final team. I feel that the link with the Compton Secondary School has been invaluable this year and I look forward to continuing this in the future.


- Will McConnellogue, Maths Lead, Lea Valley Primary School