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CAS London are fantastic and give a lot of contextual knowledge to the delivery of content.


In 2014 the ICT curriculum was replaced with a new subject: Computing. Few teachers had an extensive background in computer science and they needed support in terms of pedagogy and subject knowledge. Computing At School (CAS) London is a joint project between Queen Mary University of London and King’s College London, which supports teachers to deliver this new subject.

The project developed from earlier collaboration through the London Schools Excellence Fund and provides CPD, as well as free and accessible resources via its webpage. CAS London now supports a network of experienced Master Teachers and Hub Leaders across the capital. Master Teachers lend their support to other primary and secondary schools, largely through delivery of specially adapted courses and small-group training in Computing. CAS London also works to strengthen collaboration with coding clubs, learning centres and industry partners.

The project’s immediate impact has been to establish a sustainable London-wide support network which provides CPD and  outstanding resources to Computing teachers across the capital. In the longer term, it aims for all London pupils to have access to an outstanding education in Computing.


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Queen Mary University London (QMUL)

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Paul Curzon and Jo Brodie

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Case Study

I have been teaching computing for the past two years, however I have found it very challenging since I am not trained in the subject. Computing has always been my hobby and I taught myself how to program by signing up to online courses and reading books. However, I never thought that teaching computing would become my main career. When I was offered the job at Townley Grammar, I desperately needed some professional training to prepare me for teaching the subject.

There weren't many courses available, but I received a lot of support from fellow teachers. I used to observe more senior teachers before delivering the same lesson to my classes. I can now say that I am not worried about any of my lessons and I regularly use the resources provided by CAS. At present, I attend a GCSE CAS London course, which is a great opportunity for me to train in teaching KS4. I started to use my knowledge by challenging some of my year 9 students, who have chosen computing as one of their GCSE subjects. The courses are a brilliant opportunity for teachers wishing to retrain in computing at any level.


- Anna Kopycinska, Computing Teacher, Townley Grammar School