Capital Classics

Learning Greek helps me understand the etymology of English words as well as the evolution of language and communication. 


Capital Classics aims to increase the provision of Latin in state schools across London. Historically, there was hardly any Latin teaching in London schools, especially in some North East London boroughs, where not a single school taught any of the classical subjects – Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation or Ancient History.

In response, a Capital Classics partnership was set up, led by Classics for All. Beginning in areas of particular deprivation, Capital Classics has gone on to work with over 100 schools across London, with current work trying to ensure that classics teaching can be sustained indefinitely within these areas.

Capital Classics’ focus is largely on training teachers. Since August 2015 it has run an annual summer workshop, along with various sessions throughout the year. Hub leads have been fortunate enough to work with centres of excellence such as Camden School for Girls, which has also arranged enrichment events for pupils within the Capital Classics network.

The hub is now pioneering new training routes for teachers, beginning with a partnership with Harris Academies.


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Classics for All 

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Hilary Hodgson

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  • 120
  • 200
  • 64%
    London schools
    participating have a higher than average levels of Free School Meal
  • 75
    new schools
    now support the introduction of Classics

Case Study

As a teacher in an inner-city school, I am all too aware of the challenges our students face due to a lack of literacy, both from a cultural perspective and in terms of vocabulary. I am therefore extremely grateful for the support Classics for All is offering our school, since I know that exposure to Latin is an additional step towards closing the gap between the most privileged and the least.

The fortnightly lessons we have received have been extremely helpful, both in terms of improving our own language skills and in discussing pedagogical issues that might arise. While we’re not quite ready to start teaching yet, long-term we look forward to awakening a passion for classics in our students! 

Siobhan Crompton, Classics Trainee, Ark King Academy, Westminster