School children lining up

The Mayor's ambitions for education

Education is one of the most important elements in the future success of London.

Long-term education ambitions

The Mayor wants every child in London to have the opportunities our great city has to offer. You work hard, you get a helping hand and you can achieve anything.

There is much to celebrate. London is once again England’s top region at the end of primary and secondary school. That success is down to the hard work of students, teachers, head-teachers and support staff. London is leading the way in terms of how well children from poor backgrounds do compared to their better off peers. However, inequality is still an issue for many London children. To help these children, we must improve education in the early years by working with schools and early years’ providers to help address disadvantage and inequality. As well as helping to make childcare and early years’ education more affordable and accessible to all parents.

There are many new and exciting jobs being created in the science, construction, engineering, digital and creative sectors. If we get education right, every young person can be optimistic about the future. Young people to understand the job opportunities in our city no jobs should be off limits to girls and those from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds.

New national funding formula

The government’s proposals to bring in a new national funding formula, alongside wider funding shortfalls for schools and school improvement generally, could undermine all that our brilliant London teachers have worked so hard to achieve. It will also hit children living in London’s most deprived boroughs the hardest. The Mayor will use all his powers to fight for fairly funded schools, as well as early years and colleges in London.

Read the Mayor’s response to the National Schools Funding Formula consultation March 2017.

The Mayor’s current priorities for education focus on:

  • Ensuring young Londoners get the best start in life
  • Providing a good school place for every child
  • Supporting excellence in teaching and leadership
  • Preparing Londoners for life and work in a world city

In February 2017 at the Mayor’s Education Conference, Deputy Mayors Jules Pipe, Rajesh Agriwal and Matthew Ryder talked to head teachers to hear their views on how we can best take forward the Mayor’s pledges. They discussed careers support for young people, girls’ take up of science subjects, our plans for early years’ hubs and the wider role of schools to support communities. The most popular session by far with head teachers looked at how we can help support teacher recruitment and retention. This input from schools will be most useful as we start to develop the Mayor’s new programmes. Read the Education Conference 2017 report.

We will be bringing all these strands of activity together into the London Learning programme later this year.

Education Programme Delivery Plan 2012-16

Following the Education Inquiry the Mayor published an education programme. The plan outlined existing progress and future actions required to take forward the 12 Inquiry Panel recommendations. It focused delivery on the three main themes of the education inquiry recommendations:

  • promoting teaching excellence in all London schools
  • preparing young Londoners for life and work in a global city
  • a good school place for every London child.


  • fostering engagement and building resilience among London’s young people. This theme incorporates some of the Mayor’s work with young people outside of formal education establishments. 

Support to schools was delivered through these programmes:

The Mayor’s Education Inquiry 2012

The Mayor’s Education Inquiry explored the critical challenges facing London’s primary and secondary schools.

The inquiry ran from December 2011 until September 2012 with further consultation taking place in July 2012. Three hearing sessions were held at City Hall, with experts in education and from business leaders on youth employment contributing.

The inquiry panel made 12 recommendations to the Mayor in a final report. These were around the following themes:

  • promoting teaching excellence
  • preparing young people for life and work in a global city
  • ensuring a good school place for every child.

The report acknowledges that London schools already perform better than the national average. However, it also makes clear that too many children still leave education without the basic skills needed to get a good job, or go into further and higher education or training.

Read the Inquiry report.