The Mayor's Education Inquiry Final Report

Date published: 
19 October 2012

The Mayor’s Education Inquiry ran from December 2011 until the end of September 2012, and explored the critical challenges facing London’s primary and secondary schools.

Dr Tony Sewell – education commentator and former teacher, and CEO of Generating Genius – was appointed by the Mayor to chair the Education Inquiry. The full list of Inquiry Panel members is set out in their final report.

The Inquiry examined key challenges for education in London and in its Final Report, published on 19 October 2012, made 12 recommendations to the Mayor for practical action with key partners including schools, Government, boroughs, business, voluntary and community sector and cultural organisations. The Mayor published his response on the same day welcoming and accepting these recommendations. He outlined how he will respond to the key report themes of promoting teaching excellence, preparing young people for life and work in a global city and ensuring a good school place for every child.


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