Seven Kings High School: Stretch and Challenge

Seven Kings High School developed the subject knowledge of science teachers teaching at Key Stage 4.

Stretch and Challenge: accelerated achievement in Science at KS4

The project aimed to address the more rigorous subject knowledge needed to support more pupils to achieve A/A* grades in science, in response to a nationwide decrease. This was be done by tailoring professional development programmes to the needs of participating teachers, and developing effective strategies such as using real-world examples, questioning techniques for deepening learning and creating opportunities for pupils to develop independent learning skills.

Findings showed that the increasingly challenging objectives of teaching science at this level required a high level of teacher planning, and the project increased awareness and engagement of SLT in this regard. Data from the focus group, and the control groups from two other schools, suggest an increase in pupil performance from mocks to GCSEs. Seven Kings is currently working to develop and share these findings.


The project ...has meant really focusing on stretching learning beyond the specification and also getting students to see how topics relate to the real world.



Nick O'Brien: n.o'[email protected]

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