Glebe Primary School – Knowledge Centre

Designed to develop teachers’ knowledge of teaching bi-lingual learners; then share learning within their schools and beyond.

Closing the gap for non-EU EAL pupils

The project ran in 3 primary schools and 1 secondary school in Brent and Harrow with 49 teachers and teaching assistants. 809 pupils benefitted. Subject knowledge workshops were led by EAL experts from the Institute of Education (IOE).  Additional workshops were combined with coaching support from EAL teacher experts from Glebe Knowledge Centre to help participants embed their learning and identify implications for practice and IOE Impact experts to help track and evidence change. This was achieved through further subject knowledge workshops, the launch of an on-line community, practitioner projects,  narrative stories, ‘Pupil Profiles’, and ‘No Pens Wednesdays’.   

By the end of project teachers felt their EAL subject knowledge and levels of confidence had significantly increased. They felt more able to identify and meet the needs of EAL learners and increased their understanding of both first and second language acquisition.

Pupils confidence doubled throughout the project with EAL pupils reading and writing progress exceeding that made by non EAL pupils, significantly closing the gap

Pupil C has expanded her knowledge of the English language this year and has become confident enough to answer questions and put her hand up in whole class discussions – something which she was too shy to do before

Glebe Primary School was awarded further funding through the Subject Knowledge Hubs programme.


English: The Key to Integration - a video case study.

Teachers and pupils of Byron Court Primary School discuss their participation in the project.

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